Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Something dirty and a first !!


Just look at the muck on this !!  I bought a disgustingly dirty item at the car boot this weekend, I really splashed out -it cost me 20p !!

It's a pub thing - ?? - a 'topper' for pulling pints ?

Anyway, I liked it immediately I saw it, and thought I couldn't go wrong for 20p.

So lots of cleaning, rubbing, scrubbing later, it turned into this :

Nice now innit ?  I will find a nice place for it.  I dont know what the wire is for though ?  it doesn't light up or anything - anyone know ?  perhaps you will enlighten me ?  thanks.

And the first ??

I sold my first item on Etsy !! yay - brill - cool - result -  and anything else you can think of !!  A lady in Australia (no less) bought a dress length from me !

take care peeps ..........

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