Tuesday, 19 June 2012

This and that ...........


Sorry no posts for a couple of days, I've been attacking the Rain Forest which is my garden, and also trying to get my head around starting a new blog with the emphasis on 'trying'

It seems impossible to get a template with three 'customisable' columns, i.e.  ones that I can add independantly add  third party html code to.  So the next step is create a third column myself, which then means learning how to do it first, I won't go into it too technically right now - which roughly translated means I don't know what I'm talking about !  ha !

All I've got up at the moment is the heading and a bit of waffle while I try to re-educate my poor old brain cell.  It's not easy, but I believe that problems are there to be overcome, so I won't give up - watch this space.

Nice surprise in the garden this morning, my first raspberries - I'm especially pleased with these because they're on tiny plants that got left in their pots last year simply because the ground was too waterlogged to transplant them, and they've fruited.  So when the fruit has gone I'll find a permanent place for them.

They went down very well with a little home made yoghurt and honey after my lunch today. 

Well the rain has held off so I'm off to do some more serious weeding outside.  It's quite warm here too, warm enough to put the fan on in the conservatory,

As you can see - Lucy the cat likes the heat.
I haven't written about Lucy yet, I'll have to do 'her' soon.  She is another 'stray' that saw the flashing neon light outside my house that says' All cats Welcome' !

I've done some cooking this morning too, but must get back in the garden now, I'll post the recipe and pictures later if your interested.

take care peeps .......................

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