Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vegetarian special .....


At last I've done it, I haven't felt much like eating these past few days let alone cooking, but the results have been worth it.  So here it is :

 Mushroom Crumble

Basic ingredients:

Sesame Seeds
Cayenne Pepper
Ingedients not shown:
Butter or oil for cooking
Seasoning i.e. salt and pepper if you use it
Milk for sauce
Stock cube
Ground mixed nuts (optional but will give extra protein)

My recipes are on the 'loose' side, i.e. I don't give quantities or measurements, I think you get a 'feel' for how much of this and that you need.

Make the crumble topping first

Use any basic crumble recipe omitting the sugar but adding the sesame seeds, ground nuts and a  pinch of cayenne pepper - in my case a 'pinch' is about a quarter of a teaspoon.

This is when the cayenne and  cheese is added.

Mix it well then add two eggs, you can use one if you like but two adds more protein, which must always be considered in vegetarian cooking.

Crumble is traditionally a dry mix, so when the eggs are added it won't be like a conventional crumble, don't worry, it will taste the same !  You will have to put the topping on by hand breaking it into small pieces.

Next start the filling:

Chop and fry onions with the garlic and celery

When softened but not cooked through, add the mushrooms - you can see that my mushrooms are past their best because they've been left a day too long, but they're still OK

Wipe them over and chop

I didn't use them all, some will be for tomorrow - creamed mushrooms on toast with a poached egg !

Add them to the pan with the onion mixture

Cook gently until vegetables are softened and beginning to colour

Sprinkle on two spoonfuls of flour

Mix well to soak up the flavours from the butter or oil or whatever you've used to cook the onion mixture with

Add the stock cube dissolved in boiling water - about 1/4 pint, and the same of milk, the recipe calls for approx one glass of wine about now, but I only have one glass in the house, and that's not going in the meal, it's going in me - ha!

As you can see I'm starting to get messy now, probably the wine !

At this stage add any seasonings you want, i.e. salt and pepper, reduce the heat and stir until the mixture thickens.


Divide mixture between two dishes, or use one large one if you are cooking for a family.  If it looks too thick, pour a little hot stock into each dish to loosen.

Add the topping and sprinkle generously with more grated cheese before putting into a hot oven in the centre.  It's cooked when the topping is beginning to colour and the cheese is turning golden brown, you'll be able to tell it's ready anyway by the mouth-watering smell.

And there you have it - mushroom crumble packed with protein.

This will be served with this little lot (well not all of it)

Yellow stickered salad - my favourite.
Here is my dinner !

And a selection from this little lot for dessert

Yellow stickered fruit - i.e. water melon, raspberries and blue berries with home made yoghurt.

Hope you try this recipe, and enjoy it.  Each of the dishes shown will make two meals for me.  Next time I think I will make it in ramekin dishes for single portions.  It freezes very well.  Serve with salads, baked potato's, potato wedges, rice, polenta, etc. etc.,  I also cooked it in the conventional oven, next time I'm going to try the slow cooking method.

Sorry it's been late getting 'published' but the events of the last few days have knocked me sideways.

take care peeps ............


  1. Your crumble looks so delicious.

    Wean, I LOVE YOUR REDUCED BARGAINS! Wow! That's great shopping, ESP that it is all healthy.

    We got some reduced price blueberries (same cost) from S the other week and Mr Sft made some lovely muffins with them.

    Sft x

  2. Looks good to me, and it smells divine.

  3. I'm going to give that a try, but as we don't like celery I'll substitute it with leeks I think. Thanks for the recipe.



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