Monday, 23 July 2012

D'ever have one of those days ?


We all get 'those days' eh ?  well yesterday was one of mine.

First of all I noticed my computer had slowed down considerably, so I ignored it.

It got worse as the day went on, slowing down so much it was almost in reverse.

I did everything I could, and then some, i.e. defrag, run scans for bugs and viruses,  shut it down, started it up, shut it down started it up, shut it do ....... oh well you get the picture.  Unplugged the hub, restarted it again, unplu ..... pushed a tiny pin into a tiny hole on the hub which is supposed to do something technical, but in this case it didn't.  I'm getting a bit fed up by now.

I was getting a bit agitated (!) as I had several items to put on Ebay, and had a deadline (I only put stuff on when it's a free listing weekend to save money) and time was running out, as was my patience.  I couldn't get into my email either, nor this site, nor Raggy World (Etsy shop)

After doing all the procedures for the eleventy ninth time,  blaming Google, Yahoo, BT, the man next door and my Mother for making me lead a sheltered life, I realised I was probably staring right at the problem, i.e. the amount of 'shortcuts' I have on my screen.  I'm not kidding there were dozens.  So I went through them all, and about 80% were not needed, it was stuff I had to 'learn' or remember or use, and as I'd done most of that, they had to go in a last ditch attempt at repair before chucking the computer out of the window.
Long story short - it worked ! and lesson learned !

I cooked up a lovely dish yesterday and photographed it with the intention of showing you all.  All went well, recipe turned out beautifully, I remembered to photograph each stage - no probs. - until I came to post it on the blog, and realised my camera had given up the ghost and all the pics were black ! so no recipe to post.  It was lovely, you'll have to take my word for it !  actually I'll do it again next week and hopefully post it on here.

 It seems it's past repair, but sad 'cos I've grown attached to my Kodak Easyshare, now I have to get my head around a new jobby - I have one, but I hate reading instructions because they never work for me. 

I feel I should complain to manufacturers about this, they always write the instructions incorrectly !  They don't make 'em like they used to - I've only had it 11 years !  do you think it's still under guarantee ?

I think we should all be born with two buttons in the backs of our heads, 1. 'upload info' and  2. 'install'
now wouldn't that be useful ?  I make no secret of the fact I am technically challenged and find these things difficult.  So I'll have my head in the instruction book for most of today.

Also yesterday, I thought I'd do a little gardening (clearing up actually) so it came as no surprise when I found the shears were totally blunt !  they wouldn't have cut through butter.  So a trip to the shops today to buy new shears.  No good getting them re-sharpened, it costs more to do that than to buy new these days.  I'll get them from Tesco and use my clubcard, at least I'll get a little something back.

So that was 'my yesterday' - I think the God's of Weans World were having a great laugh - but the good news ?  it didn't rain - !!!

take care peeps ...............

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