Saturday, 28 July 2012

Foraging in the Aisles again ..


I've just managed to get my camera sorted  - as was expected there were problems so it took longer than I thought.
Anyway, I don't have any bargains to photograph yet so I'm showing some here I got last week before my Kodak went to the great recycling center in the sky.

 I recently complained that it was getting harder and harder to get any bargains because greedy people were scooping up the lot, but it seems they are now concentrating their efforts on meat, chops, steaks and that sort of thing, and leaving the more healthy options for me !  isn't that kind of them ?

This was only 10p reduced from £3.54 so I got 3 packs.  I don't eat meat so they're in the freezer, so when I know someone is coming over, I can get a pack out and make sandwiches.

Wow - just look at these - I got three of these as well.  What a price reduced from £2.00 down to 20p
Long gone now of course, but I had them in a fruit salad, with plain yoghurt, and even chopped up in a bowl of porridge. 

Here you see some in my breakfast bowl of porridge with some pomegranate seeds.

I lurve soft cheese, and look at the price !  Down from £1.75 to 20p. -  lucky me.  Half went to make a cheese sauce over pasta, and the other half I spread on crusty bread with a green salad - yum !

Four pots of scrumptious fromage frais -  Price ? - £1.30 down to 29p

Potato salad down to 10p - can't remember what the original price was and it's not showing on this picture but it would have started with a £ - that's for sure.

Pomegranate seeds, these are things I would never think of buying, the price is extortionate, £2.39 but down to 20p so at this price I wasn't going to walk past !

That was a good day for bargains - and a healthy one !

A couple of these pics are a big foggy, this must have been when my camera had started to give up the ghost.

take care peeps ..............


  1. Good haul from the shops, I do this in my local co op on Sunday afternoon, the big boys are 20 minutes away. Every little helps. So glad to have stumbled across you. Pam

  2. You've got some good bargains there. I haven't been shopping this week and am now scraping the bottom of the barrel where fresh food is concerned.

  3. Hello Pam, thank you for visiting.
    I'm lucky to have Sainsbury's Asda and Tesco within walking distance even though the area I live in is very open and green, a Morrisons is being built too, to be opened before Christmas, so I can really 'cherry pick' the bargains.



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