Saturday, 21 July 2012

Frugal Candle making ....


I've just posted my instructions for making extremely frugal candles, almost free !

It's a long tutorial mainly because I've included lots of photographs so it's easier to understand

So grab yourself a coffee, a cup or tea or glass of wine, and have a look in 'Tutorials' at the top of the page.

take care peeps ....................


  1. First class tutorial Wean, I think even I could follow your instructions:) I adore the "wooden" cat sleeping next to the candle. Gorgeous photo.

  2. Great tutorial and I love the picture of the finished article....looks lovely and warm and ready for winter. Your tutorial is so amusing and you make it all seem so easy. Unfortunately I don't "do" candles due to a house full of clumsy men:) x x x

  3. Brilliant tutorial, ive been collecting candle wax for about 2 years now and have TONNES must get some wick and make some candles for this winter :) loved the little cat mentions, make me laugh :) x



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