Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Frugal shoe repairs (or 'a load of old cobblers')


I picked up a pair of ankle boots this weekend at the car boot sale

Only 50p.

The uppers were in very good condition as were the soles, the only signs of wear were on the heels,

You can see a piece of gravel caught in the heel here.

I knew I had a 'heel repair kit' at home somewhere, so I bought them thinking that at 50p - what have I got to lose ?

So I followed the instructions and stuck a new 'heel' on each boot

So after a few minutes and several sticky fingers later I have a 'new' pair of boots !  ta dah !!  I wear slim leg jeans even though I'm 93, and like to tuck them into boots in the winter time.

So here you have it - a 'new' pair of ankle boots for 50p.  I don't count the cost of the new heels 'cos they've been hanging around for ages.

So if you see a 93 year old in your town/village/street wearing these boots, do pop over and say hello 'cos it'll be me.

take care peeps ..........


  1. No!! 93? I would never have guessed. As we say in redneck Canada - keep on trucking! I don't have a blog but this grandma is glad you are back and will look for your posts even if I seldom comment. Best wishes.
    Ann G

  2. Hello anon - thank you for visiting, come back soon.



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