Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Guest post ?


In my inbox yesterday was an offer for a 'Guest Post'
now, this is something I know nothing about.

I have seen guest posts on other blogs and they seem OK to me, always interesting,  I certainly won't dismiss it without checking further.  Sometimes it's nice to have another perspective on things, we can all learn something new all the time.

I don't assume I know everything about a certain subject, and welcome the opportunity of hearing other opinions and suggestions - things move on obviously, and there is always something new to learn.

So I've written back to find out more, i.e. is it 'really' free ?  what are the implications ? do I have  to sign up for regular posts etc.,

It said on the site that the 'writers' are trying to get their 'work' in the public eye (or something like that) well if that's the case I don't see anything wrong with helping a little,  everyone needs a little help now and then so what's wrong with that ?  and in return if it increases traffic to my blog - well a win-win situation !

I am secretly rather flattered that someone thinks my blog is good enough to ask to write on  - at this moment in time I only know of myself and Meanquean from My Brilliant Life on a Pension, who have received these offers - unless they are being sent out 'en-masse' ??  -  we'll see, I'll post my findings.

take care peeps ..................

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