Tuesday, 24 July 2012

To garden - or not to garden -

That is the question ........


Can you believe this weather ?  isn't it just glorious ?  pity it's too late to save the gardens of England !!

My garden, for the most part, is still waterlogged, I now realise I can't grow staples such as broad beans, carrots, parsnips, runner beans,  and lots more unless they are in pots (very big pots!)

This area of ground used to house 3 raised beds,  but it's still flooded, it's not very clear on the pics however.  I think you can see the 'pooling' of water.  I had 3 raised beds here, believe it or not, and they gave me loads of fresh greens last year, but I've decided to revert back to  'lawn' because I think the weather patterns we are experiencing in this country will continue.

Can you see the water ?  also the slug damage on a nearby Hosta ?  the entire slug population of Shropshire has migrated into my garden because it's so wet !!

Here is a pic of my boots (with my feet in them) when I step onto my garden.

Sorry it's the wrong way up - !  but I'm sure you get the picture.

So now, I'm enjoying our British summer, but wondering if it's worth all the effort, work and expense trying to grow my own veggies next year.

I can get much reduced veggies and salads for a lot less than the cost of a packet of seeds ! from my local  Sainsburys/Tesco/Asda.

OK - I know they have probably been treated/sprayed etc., but how else can you beat Mother Nature ?  Incidentally - have you ever wondered why 'Mother Nature' gives us all these wonderful seeds to 'grow our own' and then proceeds to destroy the whole lot with bugs, moulds, virus's, insects, etc. etc., ? ? ? ?  not much of a loving Mother in my book !!

take care peeps ........

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