Thursday, 26 July 2012

Weapons of Mass Construction


I'm altering the layout of my blog - or trying to !  I want an extra column on the left hand side for bits and pieces.  I've made a start, it seems to be coming together.

I have to alter the header too in order to make it fit.  I think the one I have will be used on my other blog about moving to the country, it's more applicable I think.

So if there's anyone dropping in this morning, will you tell me what you're getting at the moment please ?  I know these layouts look different depending on which browser you're using.

The way I'm seeing it is, centralised on the screen, right hand column as before, left hand column in place but empty at the moment, heading two thirds of main blog area at the moment.  Ignore the heading for now, I'll be back later to sort that out.  My poor old brain cell can only take so much technology at one time !

I spent hours yesterday trying to install my 'new' digi camera, only to find that it's not compatible with my laptop -  strange but true.  So that drained me.  Unfortunately it means more expense now as I have to go and buy one (ouch! the 'B' word)  Items such as this are among the very few things that I buy new, I like to know I have a guarantee and some 'comeback' as I am basically thick as a plank.

Also you could be buying a load of problems if you buy 'used' techno products.

Thank you very muchly.

take care peeps ....................

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