Friday, 13 July 2012

We'll Eat Again ....


I bought a couple of books recently, most unusual for me ! but I had a book token from my last birthday last year, and have been waiting for something worthwhile to 'spend' it on.
I usually get my books from charity shops or boot sales.

Anyway, this one :

'We'll Eat Again' by Marguerite Patten OBE is worth every penny !

Now there are those out there in Blogland that post money saving recipes on a regular basis, and very good they are too, I've used them myself, but believe me, good as you think you are, you ain't seen nothin' yet !

Those wartime gals certainly knew a thing or two about making money and ingredients stretch from here to eternity, and still produce, healthy, nourishing meals, with desserts, packed lunches and treats, on the barest of store cupboards and minimum ingredients.  It's also full of little hints and tips to make these ingredients go even further.  It's illustrated in cute black and white sketches and has some original ads from the period too, plus info on growing your own food.

I've done a couple of the dishes, one I completely forgot to photograph before I had eaten it ! (note to self:  keep camera in the kitchen)  the other one just about made it with one picture of the finished dish.  It was delicious. 

It was a carrot based dish, I'll just give you the outline because I forgot to photograph it !

Fry onions, garlic, mushrooms and part-cooked carrots
Chuck in any spices, herbs, flavourings and seasonings you may have and cook through.
In the meantime, boil potatos, mash when cooked, add mustard powder and sprinkle with cheese and put in oven to brown.
And that's it !  absolutely delicious !
Serve with any green veggies you have.

Here's a piccy of what is left of mine :

I put an extra couple of blobs of mustard on top for a little zing.  You could 'tart' this recipe up to suit yourself, but it's great just as it is.

I've done another fantastic one, for Sunday dinner last week, and because I had all the ingredients in the cupboard (nothing really special) it cost me nothing, zero, zilch, nowt !  Now that's what I call frugal.  I may do it again this weekend and remember the camera this time !

I'm completely hooked on this book and will be using it again and again, I particularly like it because many of the recipes ore vegetable based, because meat was in short supply.  Even meat recipes are included, it's just great to read how they stretched it to infinity and beyond !  None of these recipes are short on protein.

I 'paid' £9.99 for it, but I did have my book token, now I know you can get it an awful lot cheaper from Amazon if you would like it.

There's a follow-up book called 'After the War Years' which I also have, but I'm wading through this one first.
If you would like it, use my Amazon search box (please!) to find the best price. 

The one I've got is the latest edition - 2010 - and is selling on Amazon for only £2.98 at todays price.  There are ealier (used) copies selling for £0.01p  -  yes - 1p  !!

Take care peeps ...........

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