Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Why is that ...... ?

Greetings ..........

Why is it when my house is spick and span - no one ever comes to visit, I am in my palace, Queen of all I survey, blinded by the dazzling cleanliness of it all, well scrubbed and smelling like a bed of roses, no, they wait (deviously) until there is a fine layer of dust over everything, the washing basket is overflowing, the cats have come in from outside and decorated the kitchen floor with catprints, there is washing up in the sink, and the bathroom looks like it should have a Government Health Warning - why is that ?

Why is my camera's internal memory always full when there's is an unforgetable, unrepeatable photo opportunity to capture - why is that ?

Why is the water always cold when I need to have a 'quick shower' - why is that ?

Why do BT decide to do 'scheduled maintenance' on my landline when I'm waiting for an important call ?  - why is that ?

Why does my computer pack up when I'm just finishing something important and haven't 'saved' it - why is that ?

Why do I always pick the supermarket trolley with the wonky wheel - why is that ?

Why does someone always knock on my front door the very minute I've decided to have a 'little' glass of wine - so that they get knocked over by my fumey breath ?  yet they never want to know me any other time so then they can go away and spread the word I'm sinking into a pit of alchoholism - why is that ?

Why is my credit/bank card refused at the check-out when there is more than enough money available ? (a technical hitch) but not before it's caused terminal embarrasement ! - why is that ?

Why does someone always recognise me and decide to have a chat when I have dashed out to the shop in all my glorious scruffiness ? - why is that ?

Why does one of my cats decide to throw up the very second someone pulls up in the driveway - why is that ?

Why do I run out of yarn/fabric with only a few rows to go before completing a project - why is that ?

Why is it that when following on screen instructions - I never get the expected response, so then I have to send out emails, enquiries to find out what's wrong, this can take days/weeks - why is that ?

Life sure is a challenge ..........

take care peeps .........

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