Thursday, 26 July 2012

You can't get more frugal than FREE !!


Have you tried Freecycle and/or Freegle yet ?  if not you're missing out on the greatest way to save money - ever !  after all, nothing comes cheaper than free, zero, zilch, nada !!

What could be better than just to 'ask and you shall receive' ?  well almost anyway. 
You don't always get what you ask for, but in my experience, it's about 90%.
These have got to be the greatest frugal ideas ever - recycling, upcycling, saving money and keeping stuff out of landfill all in one go !
Try these two before you buy anything.
Freecycle is the best known but following close on its heels is Freegle.  It works in exactly the same way, but a little easier to use I find.  You place a 'wanted' post or an 'offer' post and wait for the response.  In both these cases, don't just wait until you get a reply to your post, but put stuff up that you no longer need to help others too.

People get used to seeing your name and realise you are offering as well as taking, and you will get more response.

Give them both a try.  Just a few rules to remember, they are 'not' the places to take advantage and place your 'personal' shopping lists, so be reasonable, don't be greedy, 'give' as well as 'receive', and if you are lucky enough to get what you want and arrange to collect it, for goodness sake go !  nothing is more infuriating than to wait in for someone to come and collect and they don't show up, and don't even have the decency to let you know that they are not coming - this is nothing short of bad manners, and do it too often, and people will 'blank' you out.

The types that annoy me the most are the ones that ask for larger items such as a freezer, and then 'demand' that you 'must deliver' - ha what a ****** cheek !

"OK dear, I'll give you my unwanted freezer, clean it, deliver it, install it and what's that ? oh you'd like it filled with food as well ?  no probs - 10 minutes OK?"

I've seen some very greedy people ask for the most outragious things, everything to set up a home basically, this is going too far, so just be reasonable in your requests and it will work for you.

Some of the things I've had from Freecycle/Freegle are : (in no particular order)

A shabby chic table and chairs x 4                                          
a rice steamer                                                                         
a set of saucepans                                                                  
a bookcase
breakfast bar with stools                                                                                                                             
2 Victorian wooden boxes                                                      
a steamer
new bricks for cold frames
a slow cooker
bags of candle ends for candle making
fabrics for crafting
slow cooking cook book
cardboard boxes and bubble wrap
a pet carrier
young vegetable plants
new jeans with label still on !

and lots more .............  I've also given lots away too of course.

just a reminder, please, please if you do get something you want - turn up to collect or notify that you can't make it.  I've been on the receiving end of this rudeness and it's not nice !

take care peeps ..............

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  1. I receive e-mails from the Gold Coast freecycle group but as yet have never used their service. Sad when people become so greedy:(



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