Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A powdered miracle ...........


Wow another follower - thank you and welcome !

I've just had my breakfast, a bit late today, it's always the same really, porridge oats cooked in the microwave to avoid the 'messy saucepan syndrome' that puts people off having porridge for breakfast. I always add whatever fruit I have to hand, reduced of course, if there's no fresh stuff, I add a few sultanas/raisins.  If it's warm weather, I have the oats uncooked (try it!) sometimes left to soak overnight in the milk then add the fruit the next morning.

Here's my 'miracle ingedient' - powdered skim milk. 

It's recommended that adults should get approx 50g - 65g protein a day, this can be difficult sometimes, especially if you are a vegetarian.  I believe protein should always be included in your daily meals, and never, ever eliminated, it is the stuff of life, our bodies need it for repair and growth.  Check this out :


Anyway, I'm digressing as usual.  I put a good dessertspoon of milk powder into my skimmed milk for the porridge, it makes it taste really creamy without any extra calories.

The uses seem endless - delicious ways to get your daily protein intake cheaply and easily.

Here are a few :

Mix with porridge or any cereal
Add to all baked goods including biscuits, sponge cakes, for a smoother taste.
Mix in with your home made milk shakes to make them rich and creamy - banana is especially good.
Mix to a paste with water or stock and add to stews, casseroles and soups.
Be generous with it when making yoghurt, mix in with the milk before adding the starter, this really does help eliminate 'runny yoghurt'
Add to egg custards - this is yummy and smooth !

Well anyway, you get the idea, anywhere you use milk, shove in some of the powdered variety and boost your protein intake.

At the moment I'm still buying it in small packets/tubs from the supermarket, unfortunately it's never reduced so I have to bite the bullet and pay full price for this - ouch that hurts !  but I'm considering buying in bulk to save money.

Wotcha fink ??

take care peeps .........


  1. I fink you are one savvy lady. I only like skimmed milk and only on cereals. Porridge I make with water and a pinch of salt. I use milk powder in my baking, including bread, and there have been no complaints. Pam

  2. I have just read your summary of last month, almost snap. My garden is part jungle part swamp with light free draining soil, south facing. I let the birds have most of the soft fruit for the pleasure they bring me daily. The apples and pears are not too bad but the damsons and plums were either non existent or rotting on the trees. I just hope that the autumn raspberries fare better. Oh and the grape vines have turned into triffids and joined forces with the honeysuckles. On an upnote I had 12 birds nest and hatch all their eggs, including a pheasant who crept into my long compost maker when my back was turned .

  3. Hi Pam, yes, it's soul destroying isn't it ?
    All that work just washed away.
    It's certainly knocked the enthusiasm out of me.



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