Saturday, 4 August 2012

Cat from Hell strikes again ...


Look at him - butter wouldn't melt in his mouth would it ?  take a closer look - see his eyes ?  cue 'Damian' music and stand well back !!

Don't be fooled, he is from the Devil !

So what's his latest crime ?  a bloody black eye that's what !!

As I was laying snoozing comfortably (as you do) one morning, I felt the earth shake  !  It was 'Rasputin' otherwise known as 'Thug' or 'the cat from hell'  !!  He had jumped from the top of the wardrobe right on my face !  little bugger !!

Immediately my eyes began smarting, and pains in my face and head.

Long story short - I have a black eye !! or in actual fact, one and half black eyes, as he landed on the other eye as well !!

The fatherless feline !!

I 'will' have my revenge !

He curled up in a box of 'packing materials' i.e. bubble wrap - see below !

Aha ! - I have the little bugger at last !  where shall I send him ?  answers on a postcard please.

Now where's that sealing tape ?

How about Russia, Iceland, China, Australia ?

take care peeps .........

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