Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Catch up ............


I have some catching up to do on the blog, lots of things to show you.  I've still been raking in the bargains, some from over a week ago which have now been eaten ! but I'll show you anyway.  Sometimes I can't believe it myself just how cheaply you can get things if you look, and put yourself out a little by being in the store at 'reduction time'
Anyway, here's a few to start :  if you want a closer look, just click on the pictures.

This one (above) isn't clear, it's a large sized pot of butter-bean salad with peppers - usually £2.99 - reduced down to 25p !

Just look at this ! it's a very large size pot for only 10p. and it's a lovely spicy coleslaw - I'm still using this

Potato's, tea cakes and 'finest' apricot tartlets ! can you see the price of those ? usually £3.29 !!  can you believe anyone would pay that ?  anyway, those were savoured and made to last believe me !

A nice selection of goodies - see the celeriac ?  I wouldn't normally buy that, but at that price I couldn't walk past - then I had to scour my cookery books to come up with something clever and creative to do with it.  I eventually made 4 celeriac bakes - but forgot to photograph them - sorry, but they were so delicious I will be doing them again.  That was one to eat (2 days) and 3 for the freezer - I'll never get the freezer empty cooking like this though.

Another nice selection including Quorn savoury eggs which went down very well with salad, and some left over which I put into a pasta based meal.  The little pots of fruit are a ready made dessert with a little yog.

More lovely veggies including my favourite - butternut squash.

And here is Itty (the Kitty) guarding it all for me - isn't he kind ?

I'd better stop there or you'll all be dozing off ............... but you can see it's not difficult to eat very well and healthily without spending a fortune.  I get to taste and eat stuff that I could never afford at normal prices, so it's well worth putting yourself out for.

take care peeps ............


  1. Definately well worth the inconvenience of going to the shops late. Like yourself I couldn't afford normal prices.



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