Thursday, 16 August 2012

Have you downsized .......?


I watched the Antiques Road Show this afternoon - I don't usually sit and watch TV in the day, there's always more interesting things to do (like housework !)  anyway, there were surviving relatives of an old guy selling a couple of his pictures that he had left them. 

They said he had once owned a large house, then moved into a bungalow, then a flat and eventually into one room !  crikey, that's downsizing in a big way eh ?  they didn't say if it was by choice.

So have you, or are you considering downsizing ?  if so, is it through choice ?  have one or both of you lost jobs or had to live on less money ?  is it because your old place is just too big and expensive to run ?  perhaps the kids have fled the nest and you want something smaller ?  is it through no fault of your own i.e. circumstances beyond your control (that happened to me - twice!)  do you have a large garden that is now unmanageable because you are getting older ?

What are your trade offs ?  there have to be some, i.e. smaller house - you will gain/save money, giving up a large garden to free you from the responsibility, so you can do your own thing, i.e. travel ?  do you have to move closer to your family ?  or are you just running away from the kids ?  ha ha  - good one that.

How far would you downsize ?  i.e. would you ever give up your garden completely and move into a flat, but you have loads of space inside ?  or do you just want to live as simply as possible ?

I would love to hear your thoughts/opinions on this, because I'm nosey interested as there may be an opportunity for me to rent a large (very large) flat in the future, no good now because I wouldn't do anything to upset my elderly cats, but the trade off for me would be, as I said a really large place with room for my hobbies/interests and I could do my Reiki healing in a seperate room, but no garden.  These flats are notorious for being cheap to heat and run and the rent is 1/3 of what it is here !  the downside ?  no garden - now I don't know if I could cope with that - could you ?  would you consider it worthwhile for the benefits on offer ?

A difficult one, I am a keen gardener, but must admit, am losing interest fast lately because of the weather I think, and I haven't once sat outside at all this year.  There is a large natural park just yards away from the flat.

It wouldn't be for a couple of years anyway, so I've plenty of time to think about it, so would you let me have  your comments please and your experiences/regrets if you've downsized ?  thank you

take care peeps ...........


  1. Difficult. I have not downsized so have large garden which I mostly look after by myself but like you, loosing the love at the moment. I would have to have a little garden, just a 10ft.square yard at least, so as to sit outside and grow a few things in containers, don't see myself without garden unless I become incapacitated. If it makes financial sense then perhaps the sacrifice is worth it and think of all the extra time you would have to craft.

  2. Not downsized yet, big garden which I manage to keep tidy. I like space around me. If I sold my house I wouldn't be able to buy a smaller place with the proceeds, unless it was a dump in a not very nice area. I'll stay in the dump I have for the time being ha ha.


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