Sunday, 19 August 2012

Having your Cake .........


Another new follower !  Hello and welcome, and thank you for joining.  I hope you find time to comment now and then.

Now these next few pictures give the impression I have a bit of a sweet tooth - not so.  I buy these when they are sporting a yellow sticker and put them in the freezer.  Doughnuts freeze very well as do the sponges.  Regular visitors will know most of my bargains consist of veggies, salads and fruits.

Here are some delicious 'grain' bread rolls reduced from 85p to 21p.  Some doughnuts down from 65p  to 16p, and some lovely strawberry/cream scones down from £1.50 to 15p,

Now look at this, a 'Boofle' cake, well basically it's just a sponge with some icing on top, but can you see the price ?  - £7.00 - yes that's right !  £7.00 !  who would pay that ?  well it came down to 85p - so I got it !  I don't care if it's got a childrens character on it, it tasted nice and went down well with my grandaughter.

Another rip - off here, I suppose in it's defence it is from Sainsbury's 'Freefrom' range, but the proper price is still high - £3.79, again, just for sponge cake,  but it came down to 40p and ended up in my basket !

'Is this what you meant when you said I'd get fat on cake, Mum ?'

take care peeps ..........


  1. Good bargains what time do you go to look for them?

  2. Hello Justine,
    These are from Sainsbury's, about 15 minutes walk from where I live, I aim to get there between 7.45 - 8.30 ish for the best bargains. I find most folks are waiting for the meat based items so there is always plenty of bread and cakes reduced.
    I dont know what time is best for other supermarkets though.

  3. Sometimes you just gotta eat cake. I must admit I don't buy a lot though, because if I did I would pig out on it, I can't save it, frozen or otherwise. If I find some that are dirt cheap for a few pennies I buy them and give some to friends and neighbours.

  4. There is a place in life for cake :D I tend to home bake because that's what people ask for, but otherwise I never buy them except if the price is very right. You've got some bargains there!

    The picture of the cat on the cake boxes would make a fantastic cross stitch picture :)

    K xx



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