Friday, 3 August 2012

I passed !!!

Or rather my car did !!


My faithful Honda Civic sailed through the MOT today - and she's only 10 years old -  yay !!

What good news - I really didn't need any more bills to pay right now.

I have to say though, that the last 12 months, the car has seen very little use, I've been using my bus pass and walking a lot, mainly to save petrol, but of course it saves wear and tear on the car as well.

The garage I take it to is quite a distance away, but they looked after my car for me when I lived in the South Shropshire Hills, and they are so honest, I've never been ripped off, and on a few occasions they haven't charged me for work at all.  Small stuff granted, but most garages wouldn't give you the light of day these days. 
Stuff like changing indicator bulbs, interior lights, fitting new wipers, checking tyre pressure for me.
I had a job done once, and I asked if they wanted cash or would they send the bill, well the answer floored me - 'oh we'll send you an invoice, and you can pay if you think we've done a good job' !!  excuse me ??

So that's why I make the trip regularly now, their kindness has paid off 'cos I always go back and have recommended them to others as well.

take care peeps ............

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