Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Oh Lordy - didn't it rain !


First of all Hello and Welcome to my new followers !  thanks for joining, please don't be strangers.

Well did you have the Mother and Father of all storms today ?  I'm in Central England (Shropshire) and the skies darkened mid-afternoon in Biblical proportions !  and it rained like there was no tomorrow - I swear I saw the Ark sailing away in the distance.

So after a few semi-dry days, the garden was just firm enough to walk on, and here we go again, everything flooded, including the garage floor.

As you can see, everything has to be raised up on pallets - look at the water on the floor !  There's about one inch - I have to put wellies on to go in - the big freezer is in there on the right of this picture, raised up of course.
When I first moved in, I didn't realise this happened, and I lost loads of stuff because the cardboard boxes got soaked and their contents too - not the landlords fault though you understand !

Flooded paths and pots

So how are we supposed to dry our washing ?  forget hanging it outside, and I won't use a tumble drier even if I had one, 'cos they're so expensive to run, can't put the heating on this weather, so this is what I do :

In the conservatory - I have a table protector (wot I made earlier to protect the antique table from the sun and heat) and I put the clothes horse on that - no other choice, there's just no 'floor room' to spare here, I walk around sideways like a crab most of the time anyway, 'cos it's so small - needs must.

take care peeps ......................


  1. Mum opened our back door today to find a little green frog sitting there, looking into the house, as if to say 'it's too wet for me out here, can I come in please?' Poor little fellow! The rain here was insane this afternoon!

  2. Hi Sooz, yes it was very dramatic wasn't it ?
    How's things going with the flat ?
    have you moved in yet ?
    any piccies?



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