Friday, 24 August 2012

The Glorious £ shops ..........


Do you use the £ shops ?  I think they are amazing.  Not only Poundland, but Poundstretcher, Poundworld,  and Poundsaver, and also now, the 99p shops - well every little helps.

Also B&M has unbelievable bargains.

I was speaking to someone recently who said she 'wouldn't be seen dead' in one of 'those shops' - ha - stupid **** !  your loss dear - what a brand name snob !

These shops are stocking a fantastic range of products now, loads of 'brand names' appear regularly on their shelves, I think it's a mistake not to go in there and see what they have to offer.

I notice that some of them are stocking more and more food items, and some even have a freezer section.

I think they are very 'savvy' it's not coincidence that there are dozens of these outlets springing up all over the country whilst 'high end' retailers are closing down.  People want/need value for money these days, and these shops are where it's at.

As with everything though, keeping your eye on things is key, i.e. some things in these shops can be dearer than 'own brand' items in supermarkets. i.e. toothpaste - I get for 30p, soap I get 3 for 45p, cleaning materials, all purpose cleaner is about 38p in supermarkets, a lot of frozen items, i.e. chips, peas, pizza if that's what you like are also cheaper.  Shampoo is another one to watch out for as is stationery and pet food, whilst washing up liquid, bleach etc., is always on special offer and are cheaper than own brands.

The message is, don't just fill your  basket with what you want just because you're in a particular shop, go to where the bargains are, i.e. cherry pick from each outlet to get the best money saving offers.

take care peeps ...............


  1. That is exactly what I do. So much cheaper!!

  2. Hello Wean, I have just come across your blog and am finding it very interesting, have put it in favourites to read at my leisure, your Poundland stores sound quite good, we have various discount stores over here(Queensland Australia) where you can pick up some really good bargains (but they also have a lot of junk) you have to be prepared to look I also wanted to make a comment on the size of your spider WOW I thought we had big ones here, thought you only had tiny ones over there, glad your not going to kill her.

  3. I like these shops as well, apparently they are the only shops that have done well during the recession, so well done to them.



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