Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Well you've got to haven't you ?


I'm clearing out my rabbit hutch house at the moment, trying to make some extra space.  I don't call it de-cluttering. because I don't consider the stuff I've got as clutter !

It's items that fit very well into my previous home (a farm house) but of course not in a rabbit hutch small modern house.

So anyway, I'm not supposed to be bringing anything else in - but when I saw this recently I couldn't resist.

It was only 50p - that's my magic price - I rarely pay any more than that for anything. (and of course it's green !  for goodness sake, I can't resist anything green.

So where to put it then ?

How about in here somewhere, with my 'green' scales ?

Or here with my er .... 'green scales' ?

Ah yes, somewhere in here I think - it needs a touch of green don't you think ?

Well my nickname is 'Greenwean' - what do you expect ?

take care peeps .............


  1. Ooooohh...covet, covet...what beautiful things!
    at 50p I would have snapped that up too!!

  2. My mum had one almost exactly like this one except hers wasn't green, I'll have to ask her if she's still got it.



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