Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wot a Grey Day ..........

Greetings ............

Bloomin' weather doesn't help.  It's hard to stay cheerful don't you think when it's raining all the time and overcast.
I know there's people worse off and all that, but it actually doesn't help to think that.

I've done a bit of housework, a bit of ironing, a bit of Ebaying (no results to cheer me up)  the computer keeps closing down on me as well, Internet Explorer keeps sending me little messages saying it 'has stopped responding' - well I've managed to figure that out myself thanks very much.

A lot of feeding of cats, a bit of shopping, don't feel like doing any craft work, just can't work up any enthusiasm.

I thought I'd go and seek out charity shops anew yesterday (on a bus to a new town) where I understood there were charity shops a-plenty, what did I get ? nuffin, zero, zilch, nout, ****** all !  now that's a first !

I think I'd better read some of my own jokes to cheer myself up.

What do you lot out there do when you're feeling ****** off and can't summon up any enthusiasm ?

Spose I could always hit the bottle ?

take care peeps ..............


  1. When I get the blue devils I do a job that i hate, usually I strip out the oven and clean the bejaysus out of it. if that doesn't work I do the cupboard under the stairs. Then it is a hot shower and lots of tea. Job done, a warm glow inside and out.

  2. It has been horrible hasn't it...I've been out in Shrewsbury tonight and there has been a LOT of rain!

    If I'm having a grey day I get my duvet and park myself on the sofa with a pile of DVDs and one of those big 'sharing' packs of crisps (I eat them all myself, obviously) and sulk until I feel better!



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