Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Good On 'Ya Ebay !!

Greetings .............

I hope all you Ebayers out there have by now heard the good news !

Ebay are now awarding Nectar points on all purchases - yes all !  not just commercial or business purchases.  I got over 200 yesterday when I bought my satnav.  Obviously it's for buyers to benefit from not sellers, but it all mounts up eh ?
I have a Nectar card as well as Tesco and Asda Club cards - all these little trickles of money mount up, and many trickles make a river !

By the way, this is not an advert - I'm not getting paid to say this, just thought there may be a few who don't know yet, so link your card on Ebay and start saving.  Oh yes, and it's triple points until 28th. October.

take care peeps ............

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