Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ha Ha Ha --- He He He ....


More stuff in the 'Monday Merriment' section.

OK - I know It's Tuesday but we all make mistakes !

These are just great - I always end up with tears of laughter streaming down my face - is it just me that has a silly sense of humour ?

Oh and it's not me that's made a mess of the layout, I copied and pasted you see, and not matter how I try to 'tidy it up' it keeps going back to how it was originally - doesn't matter as long as you get the gist !


Take care peeps ..................


  1. No images are showing Wean

  2. Hi Karen,
    No, there's no images, it's about childrens answers to a Religious Study exam, and it's in the Monday Merriment section - tab under the heading at the top of the blog - sorry I should have made it clearer.



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