Thursday, 25 October 2012

Haven't quite got it ...........


I 'follow' some blogs about lovely ladies who dress fashionably and very frugally buying at boot sales/charity shops etc.,
These blogs are usually full of pictures of these ladies posing prettily and coyly in their lovely outfits.

The 'pose of the day' seems to be with one foot/leg pointing inwards in a demure manner - hmmm

I thought I'd try this and let you all have a look at one of my 'vintage' outfits -

well I decided against it when the results made me look like a cross between someone who can't wait to go to the loo/someone who is pigeon toed and a ruptured duck !! 

So I gave up on that .......... (some of us just ain't got it !)

perhaps if you would like to see me model a lovely pair of green wellies and a jacket tied with a bit of string (albeit designer string) the results may be better  ?

take care peeps and keep on posing ...........

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