Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Roger is missing ...........


Roger (the lodger) is missing ............

This is Roger

So called 'lodger' because he turned up several times a day at the filling station (here!) for food, shelter if it was raining, rest and warmth.  He was painfully thin and dangerously nervous !

It took 16 months+ to get him to come into the house.

He showed himself to me in the garden first of all, I looked up from weeding and he was just sitting beside me.  Now anyone who owns a cat knows that he would have been 'lurking' around for quite a while before he got the courage to do this, and to decide that I was trustworthy.

Slowly, painfully slowly, he came closer and closer until I was able to touch him briefly, all this time he was being fed of course, then one day I left the conservatory door open and he ventured in.
He seemed to have conquered his fear at that point, then came often, sometimes he came  into the living room for a sleep before asking to go out again.  I could never keep him in for long, he is/was  a free roaming stray after all.

I wormed him and gave him some 'catty' antibiotics that I had in the house when he seemed a little low after yet another nocturnal battle.

All cats are welcome in my home and in my heart.

Well, I haven't seen him since early Saturday morning, he had spent Friday night inside because the weather was bad, too bad to let him go out in it.  He ate a hearty breakfast and off he went.

No sign since, I've called him, been looking for him, even (distressingly) looked to see all around here if he is lying at the side of the road having been hit by a car.

I keep looking at the conservatory door to see if he's back with his nose pressing up against the window, and am leaving the lights on all night to help him find his way 'home'.  (stuff the neighbours!)

I know it's early days yet, but this is so not like him.  I don't want him to become a statistic - like this.

I know un-neutured tom-cats are renowned for their long-haul route marches, especially if they have a few lady friends to meet along the way, so I hope he will turn up soon.

Or I hope he has found a better 'motel' to stay in, but I doubt if anyone will feed him 3 x trays of food at each meal !!

If he doesn't come back, I'll console myself that he had 16 months with me of plenty of food, shelter, warmth and love.  He had had a hard life that was clear, his ears looked like they had been cut with pinking shears !  and he usually turned up with another 'war wound' to show for it.

Fingers, toes, eyes and everything else crossed for his safe return.

take care peeps ...............


  1. Fingers crossed that he is just out wandering!

  2. Think he will return... My stray occasionally went for a long walk even in bad weather, probably living it up with another human who kept him in because of the foul weather. Of course that doesn't stop the mind thinking the worst.

  3. My fingers will be crossed, it is heart wrenching not knowing.
    I see so many cats on the roadside in my travels. Let us hope that he is on a hot date and too distracted to think about food.

  4. I have had one or two 'Rogers' lodge with me over the years, and they don't stay, they come and they go and sometimes they come back again, and then disappear and reappear again. We call them our semi-detached cats. I think they are survivors, and will always find someone to charm into taking them in. What I love about cats is their independence.

  5. Well almost a week now, I think I have to accept the fact that he has moved on. I can live with that - if only I knew !
    I hope his new 'Mummy' looks after him well, at least he looks a lot better now than when he came to me, he was a wreck ! Typical - got him better and healthy and now he buggers off !!
    Love the term - 'semi detached' cats !



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