Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sneaking back in ..........


Sorry I've been absent for a while, I'll go and sit on the naughty step as soon as I've done this post.

So, what's been happening ?

Life's been happening I suppose, lots to do, not enough time to do it, stuff to sort out, catty problems, computer problems a health glitch of my own (most unusual) etc. etc., you know the sort of thing, plus just been too bloody fed up and knackered to post !

As you will know I've been moaning about the garden long enough this year, all my veggies were washed out three times so I gave up, 2012 will surely go down in history as 'The Year of the Slug'
In spite of this I have had/got a humungous crop of raspberries and blackberries !

The raspberries are huge - I have 23 bags in the freezer so far and they are still coming.

The blackberries are also huge, lost count of how many of those are in the freezer, so no shortge of fruit this winter.  I bought two cultivated varieties and this is their second season, they've gone mad ! obviously both love the rain and wet ground.

I have a few redcurrants and a little rhubarb as well, something ate the gooseberries and it wasn't me !  so better luck next year with those.

I sold three items from the house on Ebay recently so I bought Carrot Cat an electric chair (actually it's a heated pet bed - and it wasn't cheap !)
Yes I know I could have made one cheaper but he is on borrowed time and I want to do the best I possible can to make him cosy and comfortable.  I'll get a picture and post it tomorrow, my camera batteries are on charge right now 'cos I haven't used it for a while.

My own health blip ?  well it's totally self inflicted !!
I brushed my teeth rather too 'enthusiastically' - and ruptured the saliver gland just under my tongue - this resulted in a huge swelling under my tongue the size of a plum (that's the swelling not my tongue!) - painful doesn't begin to cover it believe me !

Couldn't speak, swallow, chew etc., so I've been living on soup and yoghurt for about 10 days now.  It's helped the diet tremendously though.

I had a weeks worth of anti-biotics, and although it's begun to shrink a little it's not gone away, so I had to get another weeks worth this morning, only stronger.

Rasputin (the cat from hell) knocked an antique lamp over yesterday and smashed the shade - bless - so now I have to look for another one at a boot sale, charity shop or flea market, as well as a belt to hold my jeans up 'cos of the weight I've lost.

So that's it for today then, I'll be back tomorrow and thanks to the people that have continued to visit even though there's been nothing new for you to read, it is appreciated and nice to know I'm not rambling on to myself as usual, I see I've lost a follower or two, can't say I blame them, they probably got bored.

take care peeps ...........


  1. Sorry to see that you have been in so much pain and hope that you are soon back to good health. All those soft fruits should help, my autumn bliss raspberries have done well, also my apples. The plums and damsons were few and far between and rotted on the trees, my pear trees sulked and produced 15 between them but my apples have outdone themselves.

  2. Good to 'see' you! Hope you feel better soon! WS xxx

  3. We missed you - glad to see you are back. Sorry to hear about your tongue - very weird injury. Your berries look scruptious! I harvested some blackberries but they were all of the wild variety.

  4. Good to see you back. Hope the mouth's better soon

  5. welcome back, I have missed you. I had thought that maybe health problems had kept you away from us, and I am glad that you are on the road to recovery. I think you should bypass the naughty step!


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