Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bargain snaffling again ........


First of all thanks to those who replied to my last post - you've made me feel all warm and wanted - ahh.

I haven't been bargain hunting for a while, I've been trying to empty the large freezer in the garage, it's been full of 'yellow label' goodies and stuff I've made myself plus lots of soft fruit from the garden.  Anyway I went recently and got this nice little haul.

Now look at this - Warburtons bread, 'yes Warburtons bread' wholemeal at that for just 10p per loaf
3 packets x 4 teacakes for 10p per pack, two of these will go in the freezer, the rest will last the week.

Here is a pack x 4 blueberry muffins, and a pack of savoury  muffins with cheese and herbs, all 10p per pack, destined for the freezer of course,  the latter will do very nicely with a plate of green salad and tomatos.  Also lurking at the back are two trays of 'ready to roast' potatos reduced from £1.50 to 39p - I wouldn't pay £1.50 for them, but at 39p they're cheaper than buying a bag of potatos and preparing them.  There's enough in each pack for 3 days as well, so a wonderful bargain.

A pot of assorted melon cubes for 30p - that will last me at least three servings with some plain yoghurt (home made of course) and at the back two packs of mixed soft fruit with a crunchy topping for 29p each.

Sorry about this dark pic, but I'm sure you can still see what it is, a pack of cherry toms for 30p, at the front, a pack of 'salad' consisiting of cooked rice with spices and peppers plus butter beans, this is lovely served cold when the weather is hot, but just heated a little in the microwave and served with baked potato, salad and/or potato wedges, it takes on a whole new taste -  delish.  At the back right, is a pot of mixed seeds and nuts, now that would be very expensive to buy if it wasn't reduced, in fact I couldn't afford it, but I always grab them when they're on offer'  I will blitz them into a 'flour' add cooked onions with garlic, mushrooms, some of the tomatos, bind with milk beaten with eggs and bake, sprinkle with grated cheese also, and as any veggie knows this will be a power packed protein 'loaf'.  I'll post the recipe when I do it.

Did I say I was trying to empty the freezer ?  I don't think I've got any chance !  You just can't walk past stuff like this can you ?

As you can see I use Sainsbury's for my bargain hunting, it's within walking distance, and the reductions are very good.  I used to be a 'bargain junkie' - I would go every night, I couldn't resist, the staff got to know me, which was nice in a way I suppose.  I go twice a week now, that's much better, and fairer to everyone, but I still can't empty the freezer !

There is a new Morrisons near completion about 15 minutes walk in the opposite direction, which will be opening for Christmas, I dont know much about their reduction system or how good their bargains are, I'm looking forward to finding out.
Within walking distance I have Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco and now Morrisons, I'm lucky to have found this place, it sounds busy, but it's not at all, it's still very green, spacious and has loads of open spaces i.e. ponds, tree lined walks, fields etc.,  I'll post some pics soon.

take care peeps ................


  1. Well done! I haven't been yellow stickering for ages!!

  2. What a brilliant haul! I love a good yellow sticker shop, haven't had a decent one for a while though.

  3. That's a good haul, I did the same thing last night at Tes&co



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