Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cat food bargains ...........


I have 6 cats to feed - now that's a lot of cat food.  However, I don't feed them  'rubbish' they are my family and deserve the best.  So I browse around the shops for the best possible bargains/quality.
Yesterday, I got this little lot - now just because you don't recognise the labels, don't assume it's not good stuff - this is made for the export market, cancelled orders etc., and once opened is instantly recognised as 'top of the range' - you can't fool a cat anyway, if it wasn't acceptable it would be left on the plate believe me.

Ooh Mum - all for me ?

Forgive the 'action' photo, but Itty (the Kitty) was so excited he just realised I'd got the scissors out ready to open a sachet for him !

Now the large boxes at the back are £1.99 for 12, the wrapped 'trays' are 6 for 99p and the sachets in boxes are also 6 for 99p, there are also two 'trays' of 3 small tins of chicken pieces in jelly, they are £1.30 for 3, not really cheap, but a special treat for them which they love.

Recently I found KiteKat sachets in Sainsburys at £2.49 for 12, a good buy if the other stuff has sold out.  So you see, my feline family are very well fed at very frugal prices - just like me really !

take care peeps ...................

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