Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Energy bill - update


Just realised I didn't follow up on the post below about energy prices.


This was an awful bill and not for a full 12 months but for one quarter !

It was obvious drastic measures had to be taken, I'm already so frugal and careful it almost hurts, but because of the disfunctional boiler here (already documented) and an equally disfunctional landlord who won't do anything that involves hands in pockets, I really cut usage to the bone.

By not using heating, layering instead, going to bed at teatime to keep warm, cooking meals that last 3/4 days to save fuel, filling flasks for hot water at the start of the day, using home made candles for heating and zillions of other money saving things I'm sure you frugalists know only too well, I cut the next bill to £280.  A saving of £340 !! - now that is amazing by anyones standards and I give myself a pat on the back

However, it was not the happiest/most comfortable period in my life to say the least !  so this winter, savings will still have to be made, but I really can't go to the lengths I went to last year, it was just too much for me.
Fortunately I am blessed with good health, but I think anyone who has health prolems would have found this quite harmful.

As always though, my cats won't suffer, I bought a large heated cat bed a few months ago for Carrotcat, who (bless him) is on borrowed time and I'm determined to make his last days as comfortable as I can, but I'm going to bring it closer to the chair that I sit in at night and put my feet in there with him ha !

The cats like their beds raised up as you can see.
Here is Sopicat very kindly testing it out for Carrotcat, isn't he thoughtful ?
By the way, all the cats have their own heated 'des-res' but you know what cats are, they have to investigate anything new.
take care peeps .....................


  1. You know what they say - to get the best seat it the house, first move the cat. I hope you find a good solution to the heating problems. I have used these reasonably successfully to warm a small area - 800w fires under a tenner on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/800W-QUARTZ-HALOGEN-ELECTRICAL-PORTABLE-ELECTRIC-HEATING-HEATER-HEATERS-/190747435242?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Hearing_Cooling_Air&var=490110759973&hash=item2c696ee0ea Still no replacement for adequate landlord, but could be useful. Good luck WS xxxx

  2. Well done on the fuel bill. That is a massive difference from last time. It must be your boiler because I don't go to the lengths you go to and my bill is nothing like this. At the moment I am paying about £400 a year (although that might change this winter after the prices have all gone up so much. I am fortunate that when I moved here my boiler completely died so I had to have a brand new one, so perhaps like you say, it is all about the efficiency or lack of, of your boiler. Perhaps you could invest in one of those oil filled radiators that you can put on low in the room you are in? I have heard they work well and are not too bad cost wise, although I don't know this from experience.

  3. You worked hard to get your bill down so much,well done.
    If you want to concentrate on heating yourself rather than the room I can recommend one of the all in one heavy polar fleece "onesies" that are popular now. Me and my daughter have recently bought these and can't wait to get into them each evening - they keep your body so warm.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions re the heaters, I'll check them both out.
    I'm also looking for one of those 'all in one' thingies, but haven't found one yet, I suspect they'll appear soon for Xmas pressies - I actually bought one some time ago for my daughter in law - never thought to get one for myself though !
    I'm sure I'd have extra heat with one of those as all the cats would crawl in too.


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