Friday, 9 November 2012

Meals from leftovers and a little frugality .......


I'm really trying to empty my fridge at the moment to defrost it and give it a good scrub.  Difficult when you can't resist bargains.

However, I'm keeping a tight grip on myself and am nearly at the point when an empty fridge looms.

So with that in mind, here are my latest frugal meals.

I 'threw' together these ingedients, potatos, onions, some tomato's (going soft) some dried mushrooms, stock cubes, a tin of butter beans, and a good glug of tomato sauce (cheapo) for flavour, into the slow cooker
I had a pack of Ceaser salad, half of which was unused, so I added the lettuce also, and saved the croutons.

top up with hot water (from a flask of course) and leave to cook.
The intention was for a 'hearty' soup, to which I intended to add extras i.e. sweetcorn, dumplings, anything really to 'pad' it out over the next few days.
Here it is cooking away, I have added some oats, to thicken and also to add extra protein, essential for a 'veggie'  - lid on - leave to cook. 
Well it looked and smelled so good I couldn't wait to blitz it for soup, so I had two meals as 'stew' and froze another two portions
Here it is served with a crusty cob
Then I blitzed it to make soup
Here it is, with dumplings and the croutons from the pack of Ceaser salad and a swirl of natural yoghurt - very posh.
I've now lost count of how many meals I've had from these 'leftover' ingedients, and how many are in the freezer.  Can't be bad eh ?  
and the little frugality ?  I sell bits and pieces on Ebay and am always saving envelopes especially the padded kind, if you have to buy these it can reduce any profit you make, I received these in the post yesterday and put them in my stash of packing materials. Every little helps.
take care peeps ............


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