Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Scared or prepared ... ?


I spent an enlightening hour last night frightening myself to death researching the latest predictions about the end of the world as we know it.  (A cheery little topic eh?)

So doomsday draws ever closer - which, if we are to believe the latest information it's actually December 21st. this year, what are your thoughts about it

There are many schools of thought about this.  Most people dismiss it without a second thought.  Some say we are going to be hit by a giant asteroid, some say the world will explode, the religious amongst you say there will be a second coming (born out in the book of Revelations) and there will be a new 'world order'

One theory suggests that the world will indeed be affected by a giant asteroid, not directly hit by it, but the force of gravity created when this monster passes through our solar system will 'tip' the earth upside down and it will stop spinning for two weeks.  When this happens, the force will be so great, our brains will turn to liquid and we will be nothing more than mumbling idiots.  All power will be wiped out, there will be killing and looting, and one third of the earth will disappear altogether.

So presuming you haven't had your brains pureed, haven't fell off the earth when it tips up and are not unlucky enough to live in the one third that will be wiped out (no one knows where that is by the way) - how do you think you would cope ?

Are you secretly squirreling away supplies ready for the dreaded days ahead ?  go on - own up.  Or will you just take your chances.?

It seems it's not worth booking next years holiday anyway, or making any long term plans come to that.

Sleep well peeps .............

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  1. I do wish people would stop going on about this end of the world nonsense. It's scaring my children and millions of others too. Don't you think that the goverments would be making plans by now for this disaster instead of making plans for next years budget.
    Pls read this:



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