Thursday, 8 November 2012

This 'n' that and a lying camera !!


A 'bitty' sort of day, you know the ones 'you buy one you get one free' oops sorry, got carried away there.

I had some keys to drop off for a friend, simple enough, but no, they had to be dropped off at a very modern building with an equally modern car parking system, whereby all users have passes - you guessed it - I didn't !  (I'm thinking this is now an ex-friend.!) so with 7 cars behind me, and feeling very stupid indeed, I finally had to walk into the building and ask for the barrier to be lifted so I could get in.
Good start.

Needed a little cash (just as well 'cos a little is all I have) so upon inserting my card into the hole in the wall, it immediately spit it out - why ? no idea,  but 55 minutes later  it's sorted, isn't technology wonderful ?

Then, off to the local council offices to get my old wrinklies travel pass renewed 'cos it's my birthday next week and it's about to run out.
I should have done if before, but I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate having my picture taken, I'm ugly - end of.

I was hoping it would simply be a matter of saying 'my pass has run out please give me a new one' but oh no, my original one was issued in South Shropshire, the land of dreams and beautiful countryside, and now I am back in 'central' Shropshire, so that meant a new application and a new photograph !  OMG please no no no !

Now lets face it. I'm not easy on the eye - but I find it difficult to believe that I'm as ugly as my passport/travel pass pictures portray.

So that has ruined my day - full stop.  And why do the assistants take great sadistic pleasure it turning the screen around so you can see just how ugly/objectionable/sickening you are ?  It'll come to you too sweetie - just you wait and see !
I had some pictures of some frugal cooking I did yesterday, but I'm feeling very deflated today, so I'll do that tomorrow.
In the meantime, if you see me out and about, feel free to push me under the first bus that comes along, or train, 'cos I shouldn't be allowed out without a bag over my head, I will surely put you off your tea not to mention frightening young children in the street.
take care peeps .............



  1. I have to take photos for bus passes and so on at work, I always turn the screen round so the customer can have a look...are you saying I should stop!? :) (I do make sure I take a nice photo though!)

  2. Hi sooz, no of course I'm not suggesting that.
    I was pointing out (tongue in cheek) and rather clumsily, that there really are unphotogenic people about - and I'm one of them.
    A bus driver asked me recently if it was my own pass because it looked nothing like me and he said he wouldn't have recognised me from it !
    I always stand at the back of family weddings etc., when the pics are being taken - it really is that bad !
    So that's why, unlike most bloggers, you won't see pictures of me on here - I think the only two are of me holding Sopicat when he was ill, and even then I was looking down so I didn't frighten anyone !

    1. I know you were only joking! I'm quite sure you can't look *that* bad...nobody likes having photos taken for bus passes/passports/driving never look your best in them do you.



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