Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Why do you blog ............?


Do you just like to keep an online diary ?  do you like other people to know all about you and your life, are you just keeping up with modern ways or do you do it for cash ?  i.e. sponsored posts etc., ?

Well I've come to the conclusion that my blog must be mind-numbingly boring !  'cos my stats are going downhill faster than a yo yo down a string.

I write about stuff, bits and pieces, try to keep it light, have an occasional moan, the odd recipe, money saving tip etc. etc.,  I don't do it as an ego trip, I hope that people may find something interesting/informative to read about.

I read lots of blogs, and it has to be said that some of the content is absolute *&*%^*"$* !  and yet people seem to be falling over themselves to comment - it must be me !

I've got a few ideas for more posts, but quite honestly feel I'm just talking to myself all the time, so I'll monitor this boring blog and if no one wants to read it - fair enough - I'll crawl off into the corner and sulk.

take care peeps ................


  1. I don't think you're boring! I am a new follower so please keep going just as you are x

  2. I like to read your blog too, I'm not too good at commenting but I like to hear about what the cats are up to, and I have tried some of your cooking ideas.If you enjoy writing it keep doing it :)
    I write my blog mostly as a diary for myself,and for my family who live far away to keep track of my daily life, if others want to read then that's great but I very rarely worry about looking at stats.

  3. ILike reading your blog too, I have a face book page and often think I'm tslking to myself


  4. Don't go, have a good sulk, make a cup of tea, and entertain us all. Those who do not read your blog do not know what they are missing.

  5. I like to read your blog! I don't have one so rarely comment on blogs I follow. Yours is fun and I bet a lot of lurkers are like me! I'd love to hear about your former life in the countryside.

    By the way, are you really 93 years old? :-)

    Ann G

  6. oh thank you peeps ............
    so now I know I'm not talking to myself I must get some of the blogging posts I've planned onto paper as it were.
    Anon - no I'm not 93 - I'm getting close though - it's my birthday tomorrow and I'm se... sev ..... s ....
    sorry can't say it ! it's just a figure on my birth certificate. It bears no resemblance to how I feel and think.

  7. Wow - it's tomorrow! Happy Birthday!
    Ann G

  8. I usually read your blog every day, but had some computer problems recently, so missed this post otherwise I would have written DON'T GO!!! I love your recipes most of all, but I also love reading about your cats, your boot sale/ charity shop bargains, your garden, but especially your take on life which is refreshing. Please carry on :-)



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