Monday, 28 January 2013

A Money Saving Meal and some bargains


I keep a well stocked cupboard/fridge and freezer.  Sometimes the contents have to be used up to make room for other 'bargains' and money saving offers.  Now I usually have one or three packets of this stuff in the cupboard :

Now love it or hate it, it has to be said, served on it's own it's pretty awful - like pasta or rice, (Sorry Asda).  It's like eating shredded polystyrene (not that I've ever eaten shredded polystyrene but I imagine that's how it would taste) However, tarted up a bit it can be a great mainstay if you run out of potatos or need to produce a meal super-quick.

I make up the mix with less water than usual to make is thicker (by the way another tip is to make it up with stock or water with a stock cube dissolved in it, that will give it more flavour as well)

I then add onions which I prefer to fry first because they add flavour and some garlic, I use the ready to use stuff, it's only £1 a jar from the cheap shops, lasts for ages and saves all that pushing cloves through the garlic mincer and making a mess.

I also added grated cheese and an egg (forgot to put it in the pic), gave it a good mix, added some seasoning and herbs, then shaped into 6 'cakes' and fried them.
You could coat them in eggs and crumbs if you want, but this is too fiddly/messy for me.  I ate two and froze the other 4 in 2 lots of 2.  Sometimes, things work out so frugally, it's difficult to work out a cost per portion.

Served with ready made salad from Sainsbury's reduced cabinet - from £2.00 to 25p and a bean salad from the same place for 25p. there's at least 3 servings in each of those packs.  I had a slice of my home made bread - luverly !!

Ignore the cat's tail !

Now if that isn't frugal enough here are two packs of ready prepared veggies, for stir-fry I think, but I steamed them lightly and they were just as delicious and probably more healthy.  There's about 8 portions there, so it was all lightly steamed and what wasn't eaten was put in the freezer.

Now that's frugal ...........
take care peeps ..............


  1. I picked up a tip from someones blog, I forget which one,That those stir fry bags make very good soup. I found 2 in my local
    co-op on Saturday and we had soup for tea for 3 people for 30p and 2 more servings each into the freezer. All I added was some chicken stock and a dollop of my homemade plum and chilli jelly.

  2. I also come away from here inspired,

  3. I use Sainsburys basics instant potato powder its 45p and makes enough for 4 meals for 2 of us, it needs plenty of seasoning and a knob of butter but it is quite acceptable and very frugal. I am really impressed by your bargains and how you put them to excellent use. I love a good stir fry :-)

  4. Like Karen, I also add plenty of seasoning and an obscene amount of butter :-) (can't imagine why I'm chubby LOLOLOL) Your potato cakes are a great idea and look delish...may have to steal this one XD

  5. I shall shamelessly steal this idea. Thank you WS xxxx

  6. The potato fritters look yummy!



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