Monday, 21 January 2013

Finished rug ..........


I've finished my raggy rug, it didn't take too long really, I love the colours.

As you can see, it has been made entirely with Itty the Kitty's permission, if he wanted to lie on it, then no work done !

It got very heavy and difficult to handle, so I had to have regular breaks.

Here it is - finished !
take care peeps ............


  1. The colours are gorgeous, you are very clever x

  2. That looks great and will give a nice pop of colour amidst your Taupe :)

  3. Thank you Fran -
    ha ha Dreamer - how true !

  4. Its beautiful!!! I love the cat too! I miss my cats so much,

  5. You're a lady after my own heart. I found your blog while searching "frugal" on Blogger. Looking forward to catching up on your posts, but I hope your ads don't deter me... they tend to slow down my computer, but I'll try! I'd love for you to come by for a cyber-visit :o)

  6. Very nice! Quick work too!

  7. How lovely that is. Is it crochet? I am doing one in knitting out of old T shirts, bought out of the 50p bin at charity shop, jumble sales, my rag bag before husband takes them to clean car parts, using needles twice as thick as my thumb. As you said, very heavy to work with, might try crochet next time.

    Love the cat. Mine is now sitting on my knee whilst I'm computing!

  8. I could do with one of those especially in this weather..... Do you do commissions?

  9. Thank you for your nice comments, Campfire, yes it is crochet worked with a huge hook and fabric strips. It can be hard on the skin so has to be done in short bursts.
    John, yes I do make these to order, a couple of others have asked me as well so I'll put up a post soon with pics of some 'I made earlier', then if you are still interested, perhaps you could email me personally (details on contact page)
    Hope you are feeling better by the way.

  10. I love your rug! I have made several for our home. So much fun. I normally use scraps and sheets purchased from thrift stores.



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