Sunday, 6 January 2013

Food Bargains and others ........


I got some fruit and veg bargains recently, some are from Sainsbury's, others from the reduced section of the Farmers Market shop at my local garden center.

By the way, I'm using the HTML option to load these pics, so hope they turn out OK.

 Two packs of ready prepared shredded cabbage - nice steamed and plenty for the freezer. 10p each
Salad greens, orange things (satsumas/tangerines ??) 50p and bananas 50p per bag
Huge bag of sprouts, I've got a freezer full actually, but can't walk past them at this price, and also large bag of fresh brocolli.
I haven't been to a boot sale for ages, but as it was a mild morning, I thought I'd have a walk over there, it's only 10 mins away, I wasn't going to buy anything though - oh no !
So here's the first purchases !  two lovely crock jars in my fave colour - there was just no contest - only 50p each.
Next an oil can !  in green of course, again no contest, had to have it - 50p
I've started making bread in my slow cookers, but have had to use basins which are OK but not too clever to slice the bread as it forms a kind of 'cob', dishes are difficult to find that fit into a slow cooker so when I saw these two Pyrex ones, into my bag they went - 20p each.  They are the perfect size for the slow cooker and will make a nice small loaf.
Woo hoo - lookie here !  a retro yoghurt maker.  Now I had one of these many years ago and they work very well, it will be easier than using the slow cooker (or the airing cupboard) and I can make individual flavours by adding bits of fruit, nuts etc., - only £1.00  !!  it looks like it hasn't been used either, probably an unwanted present that has been languishing at the back of someone's cupboard.  (Waiting for me to rescue it of course)
and this pretty double sheet in poly/cotton, again couldn't resist, it's so pretty, don't know what I'm going to do with it, tablecloth perhaps ?  added to patchwork, well it will be waiting for me for when inspiration strikes anyway.
Well I'm pleased with that little lot, the last of the big spenders strikes again.
take care peeps .............


  1. Some good bargains there, love the

  2. I am intrigued, how do you make bread in a slow cooker? Your bargains are great.

  3. Oh, that yoghurt mum had a very similar one in the 80's when I was little...homemade chocolate&coconut yoghurt in my lunch box, it was lovely! (Before I was vegan, of course!)

  4. Great bargains, especially the yoghurt maker.

  5. I'm using a no-nonsense easy-peasy way of breadmaking in the slow cookers at the moment, I'm making some more today, I'll do a tutorial.



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