Friday, 18 January 2013

Getting Down and Crafty ..........

First welcome to even more new followers !  I'm tickled pink you have joined, you are very welcome.

A grey 'nothing' sort of day, waiting for the snow to arrive, I'm right in that spot on the map that says 'heavy snowfalls' for tonight, so I'm all prepared, lots of food in, loads of cat food, layers of woolly jumpers, books and craft work.  I made a couple of loaves of bread, paid a couple of bills at the bank, posted two small items I sold on Ebay, picked up some medication from the Vet and hurried home to 'hunker down' as I believe our American friends say.

Now to the crafty business, look what I've been doing .............
it's made from a king-sized duvet cover and two pillow cases, it isn't very big as you can see, it never ceases to amaze me, even after many years of rag work, just how much fabric it eats up.  This is much too small for a rug, I may just bind around it and use it for a table-topper-protector for casseroles etc., or I could look out for more red-based fabrics and make it bigger.  I may offer it for sale, I'll have to see.

Here it is next to another one I made, exactly the same only this one has been bound and finished off.

It's shades of pale blue and lilac and very thick and soft, just the thing for hot dishes.

One of my New Year's 'intentions' is to start using up my fabric stash.

Here is the 'Shades of Green' rug that I am working on, I'm gonna just  lurve this when it's done!

I've photographed it on top of the taupe one I just finished, so you can get an idea of how much I've done so far.  I want it to be bigger though, I have plenty of fabric prepared as you can see, so that won't be a problem.

Now, how does that sorted - ish pile of fabric turn into this ?

Hmmm - I wonder ?


'Nuff said ................

Itty the Kitty loves it when I make a new rug - that's his alter-ego on the cushion !
I must apologise for the quality of the pictures, I think it's just new batteries that are needed, at least I hope so !
I started this post last night and it wasn't snowing much, but this morning it's arrived, the sky is grey and menacing and the flakes are quite big, I have to get Carrotcat to the vet for a checkup - before the roads get blocked or too dangerous.  -  Catch you later

take care peeps and keep warm and safe ..............


  1. Lovely rugs! I can never get my tension right when I'm crocheting with strips of cotton (I can do it with stretchy t-shirt type, but not bedsheet fabric) It's most annoying!

    Careful in the snow today, it's really coming down!

  2. Ha ha, my Heidi cat snoozes in my box of wool. The snow has only just arrived here at 2.15pm. I am staying in and also playing with fabric.



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