Thursday, 31 January 2013

I can't believe these prices myself !!


Now as you will know I am a Supermarket Forager, a bargain snaffler and can't walk past a yellow sticker !

I think I excelled myself with this little lot, what do you think ?  All from Sainsbury's about 8 pm.

Two full sized Hovis Wholemeal loaves for 10p each !

Seed rolls for 10p and 6 white rolls for 20p
I usually make my own bread, but not if I can get it for this price, it's just not worth putting the oven on if there are bargains like this to be had.

Hot Cross buns - 9p !!   - 'nuf said.
A delicious lemon swirl cheesecake reduced from £2.30 to 20p !!!
Now can you believe these ?  can you ?  FOUR large New York vanilla cheesecakes for 20p each !!  well you've just got to snaffle them haven't you, can't walk past these.
Oh drool, drool - lookie here - Luxury trifles with cream and chunks of chocolate, there was no way these weren't coming home with me.  One for me, and I'll peel the yellow sticker off the other two and give them to family ( he he - wicked grin)
Oh and I thought I'd better get something a bit more healthy as well, organic strawberries and ready prepared carrot and swede.
The majority of this stuff is destined for the freezer and should last me until the eleventy nineth of April at least !
take care peeps and happy bargain snaffling ............


  1. If I bought that much sweet stuff I would have to give most of it away. It wouldn't last two minutes in my house, I would scoff the lot in double quick time, ha ha.

  2. Well done!! what a fab haul. I'm with meanqueen I would stuff myself and then be sick lol Great way to stretch your budget too.

  3. Ooo lovely bargains! I got 5 bagels the other day in Asda, for 4p!! Very pleased with myself!

  4. wow, you were a lucky lady today!!!!!!

  5. Well done, but I am with the majority, I would have munched my way through as much as possible before feeling icky. I have a very sweet tooth except for drinks.

  6. Jealous!! Never get any bargains resembling those yellow sticker deals, well done to you!

  7. I love the Bread Thrift Store. But, I have to pull away from all the bargain sweets. Good job on bargains.

  8. I know there is a lot of sweet stuff here, but I'm not going to eat it all myself. There's two cheesecakes in the freezer along with some hotcross buns and bread, I've started on one choccie trifle and given the other two away and also given a cheesecake away - it's nice to be able to do this, I couldn't do it normally as I just don't have any spare cash ! and it's got me some brownie points !!



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