Saturday, 12 January 2013

I've been Tauped !


I was having a little 'me' time this evening and then it struck me -

OMG - I've been tauped
I didn't see it coming, it crept up on me and took me completely by surprise !  How could this happen ?
It all began when I decided to change the carpet in this house, it was a horrendous terracotta colour left over from the 80's I think ! I wanted a neutral colour but not too light because of the cats, so I chose 'taupe'.  It was an 'end of roll' bargain from Carpet Right, already much reduced, but was reduced further at the till, cost ?  - £33.00.

I only recently finished this rag rug which happens to be in shades of - taupe !  made from fabric I've been collecting from flea markets, boot sales etc.,  it seems I have been unknowingly gathering taupeness without even realising it -  see ?  even a taupe throw for the cats to sit on !   The Throw cost £1.00 from a boot sale.  You can see two heated cat beds on the left of the cat picture, I did splash out and buy them new - anything for my feline family - they are old now and need to be well looked after.  That's Sopicat on the left and Lady Leah1 on the right by the way, brother and sister.

Recently I hung these curtains to keep out the draughts from the conservatory - no prizes for guessing the colour, there's even some taupe-ish patchwork cushions on the kitchen chairs - 50p for the two.  The lovely full length fully lined curtains cost £1 from a boot sale, the seller wanted to go home and didn't want to take them back.

My youngest son bought me this cuddly throw for Christmas - guess what colour ?  I didn't ask for any particular colour, I'm obviously sending out 'taupe' messages now.  There's even a pale taupe cushion there as well.

Even my recent sweaterdress and hat makeover is taupe ! cost in its original condition - 50p.
CarrotCat isn't very impressed either
And Itty (the Kitty) is so bored with it all, he just can't stay awake !  He could have modelled for that cushion.
So as I sit here surrounded by my taupeness and wallowing in my taupe-ocity, I can see I was not born taupe-ushness, I didn't seek out taupe-ushness, no, I had taupe-ushnss thrust upon me.

I have a plan to break the spell, here -

A pile of fabric strips all ready to make a new rug in shades of beautiful greens and white, that should do it.  I'll post pics of progress.
take care peeps....... (just noticed - even my mug of tea is taupe !)



  1. I love the rag rug do you make one?

  2. Hi KKWF - quite a few people have asked me about the rag work, so I'll be doing a tutorial soon. Thanks for dropping by

  3. Tauped you are..... Crazy Catwoman! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed stitching the blue cat. It did take some time to complete, but now have more time and will work more steadily on the pink and lilac cats. Patience it takes but it's very calming, I find. Looking forward to your tutorial on rag work.



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