Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Making Money online ..........


Remember this ?

Well I've been test-driving one or two methods of making some extra cash/vouchers, and will post them when they are tried and tested.  The first is Swagbucks.   Perhaps you already use it, if not I can recommend this one, you really don't have to do anything much different to what you are doing now, just download their toolbar and use it just like Google or whatever other search engine you use.

You earn 'Swagbucks' which in turn can be traded in for gifts, vouchers etc., my favourite is Amazon.  I love my books and this is a way of getting them for free !  You can also have cash paid into your Paypal account, but I think the best value comes with Amazon, especially if you 'buy' the greatly reduced books.

There's loads of other ways to earn Swagbucks as well as searching, surveys, games, polls, special offers, etc., I don't like doing surveys so I stick to searching and some of the games.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't usually like computer games, I just don't have the time, but there are one or two word/letter games that I enjoy 'cos they are against the clock and keep my brain cell ticking over.  There's also Swagbucks TV, which is basically watching very short film clips, just a couple of minutes or so, and you get extra points for that too.  That can be a bit boring though if you're the kind of person who doesn't 'do' sitting down for very long as I do, so I just click on each video clip and then carry on ironing or whatever I'm doing, then claim the SB's.

I'm not really 'wanted' in the survey game, i.e. a pensioner living alone who doesn't care about the latest gadget, but if you are a young couple, have young or teenage children, both partners work, have two cars and the latest TV and techno gadgets, you will get plenty of paying surveys.  These are the catagories the marketers are aiming at.

Search & Win

It's nice when you do a search and a box pops up telling you that you have 'won' 8/10/15/20 swagbucks !  over Christmas they awarded lots of extra SB's - one time I got 33 immediately followed by 40 !!  I got 50 just for joining, more for downloading the toolbar and another 50 'cos I joined the day before my birthday and got them for a pressie !

They really do mount up quickly, I was told that the average is 600 per month, but I had got 1100 in the first month and didn't sit in front of the computer all day, and have since got £10 to spend at Amazon and half way to another £10.  If yours is a 'family' computer, you could get kids/partner to use the Swagbucks toolbar too and the points would mount up even quicker.  If I were in this position, I would save the SB's and buy Christmas presents with them.

Here's a tip that I'm sure will help anyone who signs up to get more SB's - it's not necessary to sit in front of the computer for hours waiting to be 'awarded' some points, it doesn't work like that, SB's seem to be 'doled out' at various times of the day, i.e. SB's day starts about 8 am, so a couple of searches after that time is likely to bring results, then go away and get on with your day, come back just after lunch, do a few more searches, and  the same again about tea-time - this is what I've found works for me anyway.

So there you are, hope I've given you a good run-down of this programme, I can recommend it 'cos I've tried it, hope you do too, please click on the banner above, yes of course I'll get some SB's for that but you don't begrudge an old lady that do you  ?  and you can do it too.  Good luck !

Oh just remembered - every Friday is Mega Swag Bucks Day, so you stand a chance of winning 20 SB's per 'award'.

take care peeps .....................
another PS - Friday 25th. - logged in this morning whilst having my first cuppa of the day and was 'awarded' 17 swagbucks, just done another search after being out all morning and got another 23 !  and I haven't done anything yet.


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