Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Slow cooker bread - recipe ........


A few lovely people have emailed me asking how I make bread in my slow cookers (crock pots) so I've put together a tutorial for anyone who is interested.

This is the stuff:

If you fancy having a go, click on 'Tutorials' at the top of the page and the instructions can be found under the ones for 'candle making'
take care peeps .....................


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I will be having ago at this :)

  2. Thanks for this very timely post. I have just commented on another blog how I miss making bread as I have a very small over and my bread maker is packed away for the time being. But I do have a large slowcooker, so thank you x

  3. Many thanks Wean, I do make all our bread I use a bread maker now as after breaking both wrists I cannot do the kneading. This looks like a good idea for flavoured breads and i will be trying it at the weekend.


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