Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sweater Dress Makeover ............


Some months ago I bought a sweater dress from a boot sale of course, with the intention of wearing it with slim leg jeans with a belt, but when I tried this 'look' I resembled a sack of potato's tied in the middle - even though I'm between a size 10 and 12 - I'm also a short arse  vertically challenged, so that's why I just can't carry off this look.

However, the dress was too good to throw out and I did love the collar/neckline, one of those huge draped affairs that take attention away from a less than perfect neck !

So out came the scissors ................

I decided to turn it into a sweater, found a suitable starting point i.e. how much length I wanted to cut off and made a small cut, then unravelled it across the row to remove the surplus, I did this to front and back and kept the pieces ...............

Now as I usually do, I forgot to photograph it in one piece before I started hacking, so here is the first pic, you can see how long it was, and I've started to pick up the stitches to knit the welt downwards - excuse Rasputin aka Thug, he has to get in on everything.

I unravelled one side of the 'spare' pieces and used it to knit down in 1 x 1 rib then cast off in rib, on both sides obviously.

Here it is done, ready to sew up.

Ta Da - the finished sweater - I just lurve that collar !

Now, as I don't like to waste anything, I decided to use the remaining piece of knitting that was removed, as a matching hat.  Hats can present something of a problem for me, as I have very long hair and always wear it up in a 'messy bun' - (I've always had this hairstyle, long before it became fashionable for you bright young things out there !)
I digress,  so because of that, the best form of headgear for me would be the old fashioned type of policemans helmet to accommodate my birds nest hair.
So I made this, very simply, joined the ends of the piece together, neatened the edges, then just added a basic crochet cord so it is adjustable and will allow my 'messy bun' to stick out the top yet still keep my head warm.

So I have a lovely 'new' sweater and matching hat for the princely sum of ...drumroll please... 50p.
If you're interested, here is one I made earlier .......

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