Monday, 14 January 2013

This and that .......

Not much to chat about today yet, like lots of you, we have more snow here.  It's gone quite mild though and started to thaw already, but more on the way. I'm on the Shropshire/Welsh border and the forecast says more is heading in this direction.
I don't mind the snow at all, in fact I love to watch it falling.  I do feel sorry for all animals that are out in it though.  My cats are on their heated pads quite oblivious to the conditions outside.

When I was in the country, I always provided my sheep with a shelter, hardened farmers used to say they don't need a shelter, to which I say ****** !!  just give them one and watch them head for it when the weather gets bad.

I've put one or two items on ebay this weekend, no matter how much stuff I get rid of, there's always something to put on, dont know where it's coming from, I think it's breeding at the back of the cupboard.  I've also put some stuff to give away on Freegle, hope it goes, it's too big to take to the skip site.

I've started on my 'shades of green' rag rug, pictures to follow when I've done a bit more.  I was short of a contrast fabric and thought I'd have to trawl the charity shops to find it, when after cleaning out the airing cupboard this morning, found just what I was looking for, which not only saved me time and money, but saved me going out today as well.  Just goes to show housework pays off !

take care peeps ..............

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