Thursday, 7 February 2013

CKSMG (no:2)


Good morning peepies, the sun has made an early appearance here in Shropshire, I'll be out for a walk later to make the most of it.

Here is the latest  CKSMG - 'Can't Knit, Sew, Make or Grow' items to save you money and time.  The first is Budget Batteries which I see some of you have ordered from, I'm sure you'll be happy with the products and service.

I have a very basic printer, a very reliable printer, but very basic, it's a Hewlett Packard and it does what it says on the tin, i.e. put in a piece of paper and it prints.  Well actually I think it does a bit more like various page layouts etc., but I'm not too interseted in that.

Anyway, this printer cost the princely sum of £29.99 - VERY frugal I'm sure you will agree.  However, and this is a big 'however'  everytime I need to get new ink cartridges it costs me £34.00 for a colour and a black - now that doesn't make sense does it ?  but that's how the manufacturers 'get you' I suppose, offer a cheap product but extortionate ink prices.

I know lots of you will agree, and if you have one of those all singing all dancing jobbies the cost of ink must be horrendous, especially if you have kids that print out everything they can !

I've tried the 'refill' option, but I ended up with more ink on the floor than in the cartridge so that is a no-no !

Anyway, on the right, you'll see a link to Printer Inks, now their prices start at 99p, they cover all the major brands offer 3 for 2 items and just to save even more money there is no delivery charge.

This is a no-brainer to me, and yes, I have tried it, the products are excellent as is the delivery service, so if you fancy saving yourself some cash on printer/toner inks and more, have a look-see.

take care peeps ................

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  1. sounds great! our refills are 64 canadian dollars each time, twice as much as our last printer,peole are buying another printer instead of refilling, and that just fills the land fill dumps with more junk, I wish they could make refills cheaper for us, I will check out your advice,


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