Sunday, 24 February 2013

Dog Blotters and Cat Beds ..........


I started making 'dog blotters' (pet bed liners) some time ago, when a friend asked me to make 'something' that she could put inside her dogs bed that would literally 'blot' the water/snow/mud from her pooch before she groomed him, as other liners she had tried took ages to dry out after washing (if they were washable)

It was at that time I started making cat beds too in various sizes, these will fit inside a cat bed or can be used free-standing, - this is what I mean.  I've donated some of these to local animal shelters.

They're made of 100% recycled fabrics, pre-washed of course, they're soft and snuggly, machine washable at any temperature, hygenic and breathable because of the technique used, completely reversible, fast drying and comfortable - see here

My cats love the cat beds as you can see and Itty the Kitty continues to give tirelessly of his time to test each and everyone for me before sending it out.
He has even agreed to test the Dog Blotters for me - see here

What ?  you're making these for a dog ?  

What dog ?  where ? ...............
 They can be made to fit your existing dog's bed and also made to match your decor and can be found under the 'For Sale' tab at the top of the page.
take care peeps .............


  1. oh my gosh thats a beautiful model you have for the cat beds, they are lovely!Wish I still had my cat!

  2. What a fantastic idea - my cats would like those, they love getting in something to curl up.
    And Itty Kitty is a beauty, one of my 4 is a big fluff ball like him. The perfect tester and model!
    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and comment, I appreciate it.
    Love Curtise xxx

  3. How cute is Itty? She's a brilliant model! xxx

  4. They're lovely! I like your model too :)



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