Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Frugals, free gifts and February funnies ..........


First of all, an apology to those lovely new people who have signed up here, I'm so sorry, I'm forgetting my manners, you are very welcome, please pop in regularly.

Hope you are all keeping warm, it's snowing here again today.

I bought something off Ebay recently and it was wrapped in kitchen towels !  when I undid it all there was at least a couple of rolls there - a free bonus.  It's the thick kind too, the kind I can't afford !

Whilst on the subject of kitchen towels, I have to confess I use them like they're going out of fashion, which doesn't exactly fit in with my frugal image, but I can't help it, they are just so useful.  I've tried  cutting up fabric towels and using them both wet and dry, but no, kitchen towels are my downfall I'm afraid, well they were until I discovered wet wipes !  (fanfare please)  yes I know they've been around for yonks, but as a woman of 'a certain age' whose children have all fled the nest long ago, I had no use for them, and thought they were just used for wiping babies - er well - you know- but a friend left half a pack the other day and I've realised just how useful they can be placed alongside the kitchen towels and used for the same purposes, in fact they go much further than the dry towels, as they are only half the size and of course I don't have to use kitchen spray as they are already pre-soaked, probably in some anti-bacterial stuff.
Anyway I've since discovered Asda do a much cheaper pack than this version that doesn't have the plastic clip on lid, (these are Asda too) so I'll get them in future, they really have saved my kitchen towels and spray cleaner.
I went to see my brother at the weekend, he lives in Birmingham which meant I had to negotiate the dreaded M6 - oh deep joy !  well I got there in one piece, couldn't stay too long as I can't leave Carrotcat for long without his meds, anyway took Bro some home made bread and cakes and he got me these :-
an electric steamer and
this lovely electric 'wok' both items new and unused, isn't he a star ?
I made my chilli in the wok on Sunday
I've frozen a couple of portions for him for next time I go, sadly I don't get to see as much of him as I would like because of the journey and the cost of petrol of course.
Do you sell on Ebay ? just another little tip, if you sell anything fragile, don't buy boxes, use pet food boxes instead, they're very strong and free !
If I've got brown paper to wrap them in I will use that, if not I've been known to use a black bin bag, as long as it's neat and has the label clearly displayed there's no problem - they're only going to end up in the bin anyway so why spend money uneccessarily ?
That's it for today then, except to say if you want a little titter, I've put some more 'funnies' in Monday Merriment.
take care peeps ................


  1. oh wet wipes are my guilty pleasure too...1 pack in the kitchen and one in the bath room..makes it so easy to give a quick clean.
    Great stuff from your Bro'

  2. I really like this blog for your humour and particularly enjoyed reading the candle-making and bread in the slow cooker tutorials with the cat notes woven into them! Your site might not be the 'flashest' out there, but who cares...it's fun, informative and so down to earth, so thank you. Your blog has become a favourite that I look forward to reading on a regular basis. It inspires me to keep going in my own situation of unemployment and 's*** happens'..

  3. In the US we cannot use paper and string. Terry towels are better in the kitchen than random rags. This house never sees paper products. Those new appliances are really nice!

  4. KK - I'll put a pack in the bathroom too. Never thought of that
    PP - how do you cope without paper kitchen towels ?
    FF - what lovely things to say - thank you so much. I don't know your situation of course but I hope things work out for you soon, I 'lost' two homes in the last few years and know only too well what it's like to be rock bottom - keep your chin up - you WILL survive - sending you hugs !!

  5. Here's to frugality, thriftiness & cats :) I love my rescue one so much, even though he's a spoilt pain with loads of issues and bites!

  6. I'm another some-time ebay seller who uses cat food boxes to pack with.
    Your brother spoilt you, what a sweetie, all mine does is present me with trousers that need taking up and buttonless shirts in need of fixing! x



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