Saturday, 2 February 2013

I am an Animal Protector - official !


I recently signed up to WSPA - my donations go to helping bears used for bear baiting.

Please check the WSPA site and read for yourself, I find it too distressing to write about and hope my tiny contribution will go a little way to help these beautiful yet cruelly tortured creatures.

Most of my life has been devoted to caring for and rescuing animals, fur, fin and feather.  I adore them all and cannot bear to think about the cruelty that humans can inflict on them.

Over the years I've rescued hundreds of animal, yes hundreds, on my own with no financial or other help, and I dont regret any of it.

I have run two smallholdings single handed, the difference in my smallholdings and most others is that none of my animals entered the food chain, it is fair to say my properties were more 'rescue centres' than smallholdings.

I have taken in sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, mice, pet rats, quail, rabbits (over 200 of them) cats and anything that turned up needing a home, my door was and always will be open to them all.

One day I will write about some of the stories, some of them are harrowing to say the least.  I have always strived to do some serious good for the animal kingdom, not just 'talk a good story' for the glory of it.

Sadly, at the moment I am not in a position to do any 'hands on' helping, so donating is the next best thing.  Cash is always needed to carry on caring for and rescuing animals.  One day, God willing, I will get back to  the countryside that I love and continue my work.  My life is empty without my animal friends.

That's enough of me for a while .............

My contribution to WSPA is £6 a month, that's just £1.50 per week to help save animals from a lifetime of suffering, now I do this on a state pension alone, I don't have a private pension, stocks or shares or any other income, my point is, if I can do it, can you ?

Please, please spare just £1.50 a week to help.  I'm not getting any reward for this post, it's mine alone, although I do have ads on this blog and will be adding more in the future, and if I can make enough I will contribute next time to help the plight of donkeys.  WSPA will give you, as a small thank  you a gift of a card holder or key-ring, you also get to sign in to your own website for updates.

Well that's enough then, I'll leave it with you, I find even talking about this subject very distressing.

take care peeps ...........

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  1. Since retiring, I have become the guardian of all folks and animals that have crossed my path. Not to get into it, but I have saved the best for last.



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