Sunday, 10 February 2013

I got £5 for 'NOT' shopping ........ !

I had an email come through that said if I printed off a coupon, I would be 'awarded' 500 points worth £5.00 from Petstop.  A big store opened near me about 12 months ago now, and I joined their loyalty scheme worth the usual 1 penny per point, because of all the cat food I buy, and 'every little helps'.

Now recently I stopped going in there simply because I'd been picking up my cats food from Sainsbury's when I get my bargains.  So this is what came through :

As you can see it says 'Bare Faced Bribery'  the offer was intended to get me back into the store, well I'm cheap enough to accept  'bribes' like that, so I clicked on the link and printed off the voucher :-

and toddled down to Petstop and true to their word, they put 500 points onto my loyalty card which I immediately 'spent' on some up market super duper senior cat food for beloved Carrotcat.
Anyway, not only did the' bribe' work, but I also noticed while I was in there that the top brand names are actually cheaper  than Sainsbury's and Asda !  so I will be going in there from now on, and getting the points as well.
So if you've got a Petstop near you, join, you'll save money, and no, this isn't a paid post, I just thought I'd pass on a good thing to all you petlovers out there.  Oh nearly forgot, they do free delivery too, and you can order online, so if you only buy a couple of tins of cat/dog food or buy in bulk -  then this has got to be a good thing saving petrol and time.
So if you're reading this Petstop, thank you for the bribe, and a little remuneration for free advertising wouldn't go amiss either ?
take care peeps ................

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  1. I've never heard of Petstop, but I wish they'd open a store near me if they're giving away free fivers.



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